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Facility Description

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is a dedicated facility located on the second floor (3rd level) of the Center for Excellence on Ageing (CeSI) building (14,000 m2) which stands in the "G. d'Annunzio" University of Chieti campus near to the University Hospital, acting under the patronage of the "G. d'Annunzio" University Foundation. The Foundation is fully owned by the "G. d'Annunzio" University


The CRC occupies 4,000sq. meters of space, allowing separate office/exam rooms, a business office area, site visits and record review. We have an inpatient unit with 30 monitored beds and an outpatient unit with 8 clinical consulting suites. In addition, there is a dedicated monitor area with internet access for laptops. The inpatient unit is available on a daily basis to clinical investigators, professionals, and sponsoring institutions that are interested in conducting clinical research studies. The CRC provides a radiology department with the latest equipment i.e. spiral CT and MRI. The Center is easily accessible from the Pescara Airport and from the cites of Chieti and Pescara.

The CRC provides a comfortable, safe, and effective environment to conduct research involving human subjects.

Healthcare activity
The CRC is fully devoted to Clinical Research studies and it’s connected with University Hospital of Chieti (about 500 beds).

Clinical research activity
Since 2004 we have visited and screened about 1700 healthy volunteers (about 350/year) to select and enroll them into about 67 clinical studies (monocentric clinical study, BE phase I).

Moreover, our specialists (cardiologist, neurologist, oncologist, diabetologist…) have been performing also 850 patient visits (about 170/year) to enroll them into about 103 clinical studies (multicentric clinical trials, phase II and III).

To-date, we have about 20 ongoing clinical studies.

Clinical trial certifications
The CRC (ECDC) is recognized by our (Italian) government regulatory authority (AIFA) and it is GCP and ISO9001 (quality) certified.

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